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Custom Car, Motorcycle, Watercraft Appraisals in Baker City

If you are like us, you love your car. You have probably spent countless hours and dollars making it everything you have always dreamed of. We, like you, enjoy being around car people, and more importantly cars themselves.

Although car people love to spend time and money on their cars, they all too often forget to properly value their car for insurance purposes. Dollar after dollar goes in, but never gets properly documented so that if a catastrophic event strikes, the real cost of putting the car back together gets paid by the insurance company. As collector car owners ourselves, we understand the importance of our product first hand. Fill out the form on the right to get started on your on-site Baker City car appraisal.

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Baker City United States
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Facts about Baker City

Baker City is a city in and the county seat of Baker County, Oregon, United States. It was named after Edward D. Baker, the only U.S. Senator ever killed in military combat. The population was 9,828 at the 2010 census.


Platted in 1865, Baker City grew slowly in the beginning. A post office was established on March 27, 1866, but Baker City was not incorporated until 1874. Even so, it supplanted Auburn as the county seat in 1868. The city and county were named in honor of U.S. Senator Edward D. Baker, the only sitting senator to be killed in a military engagement. He died in 1861 while leading a charge of 1,700 Union Army soldiers up a ridge at Ball's Bluff, Virginia, during the American Civil War.


According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total land area of 7.16 square miles (18.54 km2).

The city is situated in a valley between the Wallowa Mountains to the east and the Elkhorn Mountains, part of the Blue Mountains to the west, with the Powder River running through the center of downtown on its way to the Snake River.


Baker City has a cold semi-arid climate (Köppen BSk). July and August are generally the hottest months, when the high temperatures average 84.5 °F (29.2 °C). The highest recorded temperature, 106 °F (41 °C), occurred on August 4, 1961. December and January are usually the coldest months, when lows average 17 °F (−8 °C). In December 1978, the temperature fell to −39 °F (−39 °C), the lowest recorded in the city. May is typically the month of highest precipitation, averaging 1.48 inches (38 mm). Snowfall averages about 25 inches (64 cm) a year.


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Custom Car, Motorcycle, Watercraft Appraisals in Baker City